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The Darts were fitted with automatic gearboxes to save on clutch wear, as a squad car might be in constant usage for up to 24 hours at a time, and crews would patrol with the hoods lowered, which must have been a challenge during winter. One popular item of unofficial equipment was a broom handle, which was deployed to see if Croydon’s answer to Gene Vincent had removed the silencer baffles from his BSA or Triumph.

Throughout the day the Police Car UK line-up attracted a vast amount of attention; some younger Ace patrons were amazed by the Spartan nature of Police Specification interiors (“where’s the electric windows?”), in addition to the bells on many of the older models. And learning that the Class One WPCs who originally crewed the Sussex MGB GT were popularly known as “Traffic Dollies” really did make the early Seventies seem like another country.

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